We love House and land Packages for many reasons, mainly the visual appeal from watching on as a parcel of land becomes the holder of a beautiful new home, but because of the immense excitement they bring to our clients.
Our collection is packed with some exciting House and Land Packages spread throughout the Waikato.
We’re often asked so many different questions when it comes to the prior purchase of a House and Land Package, so what better place to provide answers to some of our most common questions?
Can I ask a Consultant to run some land and build numbers for me, even if I haven't committed to building with them yet? Or, is this rude as it could be wasting their time?

Consultants are usually more than willing to analyze the figures and offer you valuable insights, even if you’re only at the initial stages of contemplating a build (and if they’re not, it might raise some concerns!). Because, really, how can you determine if a construction project aligns with your needs without a clear understanding of its financial feasibility? The consultant’s role is to clarify the expenses involved, ensuring you’re armed with all the essential data to make a well-informed choice.

I’ve got a piece of land I’d like to build on. Could this be used for my House and Land Package?

Absolutely! When it comes to a house and land package, you’re in the driver’s seat with the freedom to use your own land. Imagine it like curating your very own art exhibit – you select the finest canvas of land and then adorn it with the masterpiece that is your dream house design!

So whether you already possess your slice of paradise or have a specific block in mind, your builder can work their magic, ensuring you find a package that harmonizes perfectly with your land.

I’ve just bought a House and Land Package through a Real Estate Agent. However, I don't love the Floor Plan; how much freedom do I have to change?

You’ve got total freedom! But you will need to discuss this with the set Builder of the House & Land Package to customise the Floor Plan to suit your requirements, design, budget, etc. In some instances, you’re able to select a different Builder if you have one in mind that you’d like or prefer to use. However, this is dependent on the feelings and requirements of all involved parties.

I wouldn't rate myself on my skills at deciphering a better piece of land over another; what are some things I should look out for when looking at blocks of land?

When it comes to land, location often takes the spotlight. It’s the anchor for many, and rightly so. When scouting for the perfect piece of land, factors like its proximity to amenities, transportation, schools, and the potential for future growth are key considerations.

On the aesthetics front, block orientation plays a crucial role. Different directionalities can significantly impact the flow of light within your future home.

To add a layer of complexity, the location of your build might bring its own set of unique quirks and considerations. These could range from soil conditions, easements, and flooding to local regulations. But don’t fret; your consultant (or buyers advocate, if you’re working with one) should be well-equipped to evaluate the suitability of a block you’re eyeing up, ensuring you have all the information needed to make an informed decision. To make the process easier and to save involving more parties than need be, we (Rise Real Estate) can be the Buyer’s Advocate.

Why do House and Land Package prices vary so much throughout different areas when the Floor Plan is the same?

The price variation in the real estate market is influenced by a multitude of factors. Land availability, location, nearby amenities, and infrastructure all contribute to this ever-shifting landscape.

Moreover, local council regulations, the natural terrain of the area, and the current market demand can also sway the scales one way or another. For instance, one suburb might offer a dream canvas for construction, with flat, dense soil that’s almost ready for building, while another might present a more challenging scenario, requiring some substantial groundwork before you can even consider laying a foundation.

Hopefully, we’ve answered and cleared up some questions or confusion that you may have had and if you have a question that you can’t find an answer to here, we’d love to hear from you; feel free to get in touch with us via email or share a comment on our Instagram post where you can see additional questions and answers from others.