Why would anyone like house painting?

Great question, I’d rather watch paint dry (pun intended).

But, if you’re wanting to sell your home now or in the near future, it’s probably time to change your attitude for a few weeks, especially if you loathe house painting (like the majority of the population does).

Despite the labour involved, a fresh lick of paint can really transform a home, especially if it is an older one! It can also add a tonne of value to your curb appeal (first impressions last, right?), and can have a positive effect on the dollars in your pocket at the end of the day.

To make this task more palette-able (ah, there is another pun), we’ve got a few tips to help you on your journey!

Painting Tips to Transform Your Home
1. Colours

Almost always go for a neutral palette! While dopamine decor is the hottest trend for 2024 (think; vibrant colours, bold patterns, eclectic prints, tactile textures, an unmissable vibe that is riddled with nostalgia), we suggest sticking with a neutral palette to ensure your property resonates with potential buyers.

Keeping things simple provides future buyers with a blank canvas, perfect for them to envision their future style, inside your home.

All too often, when people want to sell their home, if they’ve personalised each room with a different colour and style, it can distract the future buyer from seeing themselves in your home, but instead they see ‘too much hard work” or a roadblock to envision their own personal style in the space.

This doesn’t mean that you have to do, white on white on white. Try different neutral shades, paired together with one another, to still create something beautiful and unique.

These are some from Better Homes & Gardens, that we recommend.

2. Paint Brands

There are several leading contenders dominating the current paint brand landscape.

Trusted New Zealand brands such as Resene, voted New Zealand’s No’1 paint brand, or Dulux, the colours of New Zealand, are stocked at the most common hardware stores. Or if bespoke, high-end is your thing, check out Aalto Paints and request a free colour sample.

The Natural Paint Co also offers an eco-friendly solution that doesn’t compromise on quality.

3. Curbside Appeal

Curbside appeal is one of your home’s most important features when attracting buyers to purchase your property.

Whilst you may not have a lawn or garden on your curb, you no doubt have a fence or retaining wall. Consider if either could do with a fresh coat of paint.

Painting your front fence or wall is a quick, simple, and easy way to add an element of appeal to your property. Generally exterior surfaces take less prep than interior, saving you time and motivation!

4. What to Paint

Whilst putting on a fresh coat of paint can be somewhat of a cheaper option than renovating, it doesn’t mean that you have to paint every single internal room, *que sigh of relief!*

To fight the urge to quit the task, decide what rooms really need painting, or is it all or just a few? It is important to remember that painting will add value, so consider your options when trying to save the elbow grease!

Painting all done? Here’s another hot tip! When you list and sell your property through Rise Real Estate, we offer a range of added services you can take advantage of, and check out here!