It’s the best time to sell your property, are you ready?

As a country we’ve all done exceptionally well during the trying time of Covid-19, despite the multiple alert changes. However, many questions loomed and continue to loom, one being … “is it a good time to sell?”

We’ve had qualified buyers calling consistently, proving that there’s still strong demand. So, we’ve taken some time out, to share our top 5 reasons as to why we not only believe but have seen for ourselves, that it’s still a good time to sell.

High Demand

A current lack of supply throughout the Waikato district means that we currently have more buyers than properties. Historically speaking, when demand is high and supply is low, property prices will be maintained.

The majority of the properties which have sold in recent months have had multi-offer scenarios, an added benefit for our Vendors, ensuring that they’re getting the best price possible for their properties. Not to mention, this current economic status works to wean out those hunting for a bargain that generally offer lowball figures.

Interest Rates and Deposits

Record low mortgage rates, even lower than they were in the, Recession which took place in the early 2000’s. Even better, they’re set to be at this lower level, for years to come.

The Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), in conjunction with these lower deposit requirements, opens the door for many first-home owners and investors, which again, is a first in a long time for the property market.

Market Stability

Currently, property values are the same as they were prior to lockdown. Yet, it’s still highly unlikely that property prices will increase. Therefore, you’ll be selling on the right side of the market and value curve before they start to decrease.

Still, looking for your next move, but haven’t found it yet? Don’t worry!

Thankfully, Vendors are being extremely flexible with their settlement dates, due to the current limitations on available supply that is creating a change in the way in which settlement dates are negotiated. At, Rise Real Estate this is a big part of our negotiating skills, which we will commit to doing for you.

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